The *Branded Inventions Map

There are multiple multi-billion-dollar consumer products segments which have seen zero innovation in decades.
Until now...

*Branded Inventions?
= consumer product breakthroughs that are defensible, differentiated & begging to be shared

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Owning a Consumer Habit Thesis

The past few years we’ve seen a wave of successful consumer product companies whose primary innovation was in developing direct to consumer relationships, which enabled them to offer intimate customer experiences and superior product value. The most successful of these companies were able to own a consumer habit by building brands and products people love.

So where do we fit into this market as technology investors?

We are looking for more than just clever marketing plays but rather startups that at their core, are bringing real IP. This goes beyond connected hardware devices and includes consumer products leveraging science and engineering to generate unique value propositions.

In building out our knowledge and networks in this industry we met many promising companies in Israel within the consumer products field, listed below. We are excited for what’s coming next...

If you are working on a startup in this category, feel free to reach out directly (no need for the warm intro):